JSF in Action Errata

(last updated 05/13/2005)

All known errata for JSF in Action are be posted here.

If you discover any mistakes in the book, you may post them in the Author Online Forum for this book.

- p85, third paragraph:

The sentence reading "This example will ensure that registrationForm's commentsInput property..." should read "This example will ensure that registrationForm's nameInput property...".

- p86, second paragraph:

The sentence reading "...like the size and width properties..." should read "...like the rows and cols properties..."

- p160, last paragraph:

The sentence reading "If the person's name was Joe and he was using..." should read "if the person's name was Mark and he was using..."

- p172, table 4.24, 2nd row, 2nd column

The line:

<h:outputLabel for="validatorInput">

should read:

<h:outputLabel for="myOtherInput">

- p291, listing 8.2: *

The following lines:


should read:



(The view id was called the tree id in older versions of JSF).

- p296, listing 8.5: *

After annotations #5 and #6, the code is missing the closing "" tag.

- p302; p306, listing 8.7; p310, listing 8.8; p313, listing 8.9: *

The onmouseover and onmouseout events incorrectly use camel case ("onMouseOver" and "onMouseOut")

- p396, listing 10.15, the stylesheet reference should be:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
          href="<%= request.getContextPath() %>/stylesheet.css"/>

This way, the stylesheet will be included no matter what the current directory is in when the error page is displayed.

- p 397, section 10.9.1, the example should read:



This will catch JSP, Servlet, and JSF exceptions.

- p510, listing 13.2:

The visit property of authenticationBean should not be a managed property; consequently the following declaration should be removed:



The authenticationBean.visit property is set during authenticationBean.login method, so it shouldn't be configured using managed beans.

- p561, listing 13.19:

The entries for NoProjectAdapter and NoProjectAdapter_detail are not used, and should be removed (they are artifacts of an older version of ProjectTrack).

- p530, listing 13.8:

The add() method (annotation #5) should return a different result depending on the user's role:

    if (getVisit().getAuthenticationBean().isReadOnly())
      return Constants.SUCCESS_READONLY_OUTCOME;
      return Constants.SUCCESS_READWRITE_OUTCOME;

- p516-517:

The search for UIParameter isn't necessary; can just use findComponent.

- p855, figure 20.4

The screen shot should show First Name "John" and last name "Mann" for the second example.

- p514, annotation #6

The correct code for the sort() method should be:

    public void sort(ActionEvent actionEvent)
      sortColumn = (ProjectColumnType)ProjectColumnType.

- p159, table 4.11:

The for property is no longer required for HtmlOutputLabel (as of JSF 1.1).