The Well-Grounded Java Developer


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Page xxvii - First bulleted list "Mac OS X 10.6 and above" "Mac OS X 10.7 and above"

Chapter 2

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Page 34 - section 2.4.1 - 2nd paragraph D:\\Backup D:\Backup
Page 34 - section 2.4.1 - 4th paragraph D:\\Backup\\MyStuff.txt D:\Backup\MyStuff.txt

Chapter 3

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Page 57 - Listing 3.2 filterAgents method if (agent.getType().equals("Java Developer")) { if (agent.getType().equals(agentType)) {
Page 65 - 1st line of code snippet public enum GENRE {CLASSICAL, METAL, ROCK, TRANCE} public enum Genre {CLASSICAL, METAL, ROCK, TRANCE}
Page 65 - in code snippet public class MetalRecordAlbumns @Inject @MusicGenre(Genre.METAL) Genre genre; @Inject @MusicGenre(genre=Genre.METAL) Genre genre;

Chapter 4

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Page 114 - listing 4.17 - code comment Pass zero-size array, save allocation Pass zero-size array, safe allocation

Chapter 5

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Page 126 - section 5.2.1 code snippet ret = mh.invokeExact(obj, arg0, arg1); ret = (MyType)mh.invokeExact(obj, arg0, arg1);

Chapter 8

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Page 234 - XML callout footnote reference isn't a Turing complete language.9 isn't a Turing complete language.10