Errata: November 5, 2011

Thank you for purchasing Linux in Action. Please post any errors, other than those listed below, in the book's Author Online Forum. All formats are corrected during the book's second printing. Thank you!

Page 76, section 4.4.2

The string: <linearrow /> doesn't belong in the following code:

tar czvf - importantstuff/ | ssh username@ \
<linearrow /> "cat > /home/username/myfiles.tar.gz"

Please ignore this typesetting error. The correct code follows:

tar czvf - importantstuff/ | ssh username@ \
"cat > /home/username/myfiles.tar.gz"

Page 78, section 4.4.3

The first code snippet

find /var/www/html/ -iname <1> “*.mp4” -exec tar \
-rvf videos.tar {} ;

should be

find /var/www/html/ -iname “*.mp4” -exec tar \
-rvf videos.tar {} ;

Page 238, section 11.3.2

Section 11.3.2 contains an error. Because nothing else in the book depends on this section, please ignore it. We'll delete this section in subsequent reprints.

Page 254

The note contains a reference to (rw,sync). The space between the two elements is incorrect; it should be,sync).