Last updated October 10, 2018

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Page 21:

Delete the sentence following footnote 7; the footnote text is duplicated in the paragraph.

This is perhaps the most common pattern for HOFs, and it's sometimes referred to as inversion of control: the caller of the HOF decides what to do by supplying a function, and the callee decides when to do it by invoking the given function.

Page 69, listing 3.5:

public static Option.Some Some(T value) => new Option.Some(value);

should be:

public static Option Some(T value) => new Option.Some(value);

Page 153:

The second static function in section 7.1.2 should be:

public static Func Apply 
(this Func f, T1 t1)
=> (t2, t3) => f(t1, t2, t3);