Errata: August 29, 2019

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Unless otherwise noted, corrections have been made in the print book and are pending in mobiles and LiveBooks.

Page 11, Listing 1.1:

The result is :
should be
The result is:

Page 21, second paragraph:

require "./loadee.rb"

should be
require "./loadee"

Pages 24-25:

The text in parentheses (in the section headings) should be lowercase. For example, (-CW) should be (-cw).

Page 50:

The code sample in the middle of the page has an unnecessary line. Remove the following line:

puts "Arguments:"

Page 50:

In the last code sample, remove the following line:


Page 51:

In the code sample def args_unleashed, remove the following line:

puts "Arguments:

Page 104:

path of object c

should be
path of object account

the report method it executes
should be
the calculate_interest method it executes

Page 133, Figure 5.2:

def M
should be
def m

Page 223:

...before the << operator:
should be
...just after the << operator.

Page 331:

The reference to section 11.5 should be 11.7.

Page 337:

In the NOTE, replace the sentence that starts with "Instead" with the following:

To get the matched substring from a match you can use the syntax m[0], where m is a MatchData object. You'll see this technique used in Listing 11.1

Page 394

Near the bottom of the page, the N should be Y.
(In the diagram, there's one: the module Y.)

Page 479, second paragraph:

should be

Page 485, code sample at top of page:

require_relative 'microtest'
should be
require_relative 'micro_test'