Errata: January 29, 2020

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September, 23, 2020: All corrections have been made to all versions or are pending.

Chapter 2, page 31:

In the caption for figure 2.7, substitute the word generator with decoder. Although, the terms can be used interchangeably, from a teaching perspective, decoder is more meaningful.

We map out the values of a subset of the latent space on a grid and pass each of those latent space values through the decoder to produce this figure. This gives us a sense of how much the resulting picture changes as we vary z.

Chapter 11, page 184 and 185:

This correction has been made to digital versions.

Chapter 11 explores a contribution to the field of image enrichment by Israeli researchers Maayan Frid-Adar, Eyal Klang, Michal Amitai, Jacob Goldberger, and Hayit Greenspan. The book incorrectly uses the pronouns “his” and “him” to identify Maayan Frid-Adar, who is female. Her published work about using GANs to improve medical imaging has been an important addition to the field. This error has been corrected in the digital versions of the book and will be updated in future printings, as well.