Multimedia Extras

Accompanying specific sections in this book are multimedia extras--audio and video segments recorded by the authors with additional commentary. You can play them here by clicking on the links below or you can play them in the ebook version of the book by clicking on the audio and video icons in the margins.

No. 1 Audio
Sean introduces the Mahout project and explains his involvement

No. 2 Audio
Sean discusses the work of a recommender

No. 3 Audio
Sean describes why he thinks it's possible to "listen" too closely to data

No. 4 Audio
Sean addresses questions about the implementation of the Pearson correlation

No. 5 Audio
Sean discusses the value of interpreting performance metrics

No. 6 Audio
Sean explains the relationship between Mahout and Hadoop

No. 7 Audio
Robin explains how to choose the right distance measure for a data set

No. 8 Audio
Robin expands on the apple analogy

No. 9 Audio
Robin explains the progression of KMeans clustering iterations

No. 10 Audio
Robin discusses strategies to improve clustering quality

No. 11 Audio
Robin explains how to improve performance of large-scale clustering

No. 12 Video
Ellen shows how training a model makes it progressively better

No. 13 Video
Ted and Ellen show what happens inside logistic regression

No. 14 Video
Ted compares the merits of using sequential and parallel algorithms

No. 15 Audio
Ted and Ellen discuss the AUC evaluation method

No. 16 Audio
Ted and Ellen discuss why log-likelihood means "never say never"