Errata: February 6, 2019

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Unless otherwise noted, corrections have been made or are pending in all formats.

Page viii:

Add 4.11 Lab answers immediately following 4.10 Lab.

Page 29:

Second bullet, line 2: remove the - sign before Application.

Page 34

Add this note before the 3.7 Accessing online help section:
NOTE PowerShell is constantly evolving, so you should expect different results on different versions. For example, in PowerShell 5.1, about_common_parameters had a name change. If you're using v5.1, can you figure out the new name?

Page 40:

Paragraph 3, line 4: Get-Mailbox should be New-Mailbox.

Page 50:

Lab Answers for 4.11 were omitted. They follow:

4.11 Lab Answers
1. get-process 

2. get-eventlog –logname Application –newest 100 

3. Get-Command -CommandType cmdlet 

4. Get-Alias 

5. New-Alias -Name np -Value notepad 

6. Get-Service -Name m* 

7. Get-NetFirewallRule 

8. Get-NetFirewallRule -Direction Inbound 

Page 67:

First bullet, line 3: Import-CLI should be Import_CliXML.

Page 71:

Delete the last sentence on the page; it's not relevant:
In chapter 7, we'll dive into the rules that govern how commands can connect to each other.

Page 102:

Insert the following ntoe between the last two paragraphs:
NOTE Your help output may differ somewhat from what we show here. For example, sometimes PowerShell will start numbering positions at 0, rather than at 1. That doesn't change what we're doing.

Page 116:

Fourth paragraph, last line in Above and beyond sidebar: should be company.pri

Page 122:

Answer 4 is answer 5.
The answer to question 4 follows:

Get-ADComputer -filter * | 
-> Select-Object @{n='computername';e={$}} | Get-Process

Page 129:

Line 4 from the bottom: -columns should be -column. Delete the s at the end.

Page 132:

Code snippet at the end of the page: Replace line 3 with the following:
@{name='VM(MB)'; expression={$_.VM / 1MB};formatstring='F2'; align='right'}

Replace the last sentence on the page with the following:
This engages PowerShell's formatting operator to get us a couple of decimal places rather than limiting us to just integers, and right-aligns the results.

Page 144:

After the sentence immediately following Try It Now add the following sentence:
It's using the -First or -Last parameters.

Page 162:

In the fourth line from the bottom of th page, Get-Command should be Get-Content.

Page 170:

In answer 3 under 13.11 Lab answers, there should be a space before -first: Select -first.

Page 184:

Some of the numbers are incorrectly position in 14.11 Lab answers:

4. should be where 5 is; the sentence You should ... is part of 3. 
5. should be 4. 
6. should be 5. 
6. goes with the last line get-ciminstance...

Page 238:

In the second line of the last code block, $ should be $($

PS C:\> $var = "Service names are $($"

Page 335:

In the first heading, 6 should be 8:
Review lab 1: chapters 1-8

Page 341:

First sentence under Task 5 heading should be left-aligned with the rest of the paragraph.

In Task 1 under Review Lab 1, Security should be Application:
Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Newest 100

In task 4, Automatic should be Manual:
Set-Service -Name BITS -StartupType Manual