GWT Dashboard Source Code and Instructions

The full dashboard application takes the examples in the book and extends on them, providing the full source to the Dashboard demo application.

The Dashboard application relies on the latest repository build of GWT, which will eventually be released as GWT 1.4—this is to give you an example of using aspects of the new version (Image Bundling, Date/Time Formats etc.). The Dashboard code by itself offers a rich example of a large GWT application, but if you want to use the code as-is you will need to use GWT 1.4 or higher. Until GWT 1.4 is formally released, you can download the latest source and compile it by following the instructions from the GWT web site.

Because GWT 1.4 is not yet released there is the potential that changes to the API could force required changes to the Dashboard source code. Seeing that GWT 1.4 is very close to becoming a release candidate we do not expect this to occur, but if it does we will update the Dashboard source to reflect the changes.