Errata: February 6, 2019

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Unless otherwise noted, corrections have been made or are pending in all formats.

Page 44, Section 2.2.3

should be "more expense than it's worth" instead of "more expense then it's worth"

Page 50, Listing 2.3

should be "prefix of /v1/organizations/{organizationId}/licenses" instead of "prefix of /v1/organizations/(organizationId}/licenses"

Page 51, Listing 2.4

should be "/licenses/{licenseId}" instead of "/licenses{licenseId}"

Page 59

should be "data models than a simple" instead of "data models then a simple"

Page 59

should be "shorter lives than a service" instead of "shorter lives then a service"

Page 80, Note

should be "YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language)" instead of YAML (Yet another Markup Language)

Page 80, Note

Remove the second expansion of YAML in the note. It follows immediately after the first 1.

Page 80

should be "different properties defined in the bootstrap.yml" instead of "different properties defined in the boostrap.yml"

Page 80

should be "If you don't set a profile", instead of "If you set a profile"

Page 83, Figure 3.7

Figure 3.7 does not match the previous detailed text in page 82 (namely Postegres URI). In the figure the database url should be jdbc:postgresql//database:5432/eagle_eye_dev instead of jdbc:postgresql//database:5432/eagle_eye_local

Page 87, Listing 3.10

Listing title should be "Listing 3.10 Spring Cloud config application.yml" instead of "Listing 3.10 Spring Cloud config bootstrap.yml"

Page 104

should be "Netflix Ribbon library to provide client-side load" instead of "Netflix Ribbon library to provide client-slide load"

Page 136

should be "completion times than other services" instead of "completion times then other services"

Page 131

should be "If you hit the http://localhost:8080/v1/organizations/e254f8c-c442-4ebe-a82a-e2fc1d1ff78a/licenses/ endpoint" instead of "If you hit the http://localhost/v1/organizations/e254f8c-c442-4ebe-a82a-e2fc1d1ff78a/licenses/ endpoint". Note the missing port number

Page 138

should be "in process than the number" instead of "in process then the number"

Page 152

should be "The bulkhead pattern segregates remote resource calls" instead of "The bulk head pattern segregates remote resource calls"

Page 160

should be "the /routes calls" instead of "the /route calls"

Page 163

This correction hasn't been made in any format.

Figure 6.6 doesn't match the previous detailed text (namely the ignored-services)

Page 174

Method declarations for shouldFilter() and run() should include the @Override annotation. They are present in Listing 6.13.

Page 198-199, Listing 7.2

Wrong class mentioned on Page 198-199. The OAuth2Config class extends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter, not AuthenticationServerConfigurer. This is wrong in the annotation for the code listing and the wrong class name is mentioned (AuthenticationServerConfigurer) in the description immediately following the code.

Page 198, List 7.2

replace the line "client_credentials" with "client_credentials"). Missing the extra paranthesis at the end of the code.

Page 201, List 7.3, third annotation in the code listing

should be "The UserDetailsService is used to hold user information that will be returned from Spring Security." instead of "The UserDetailsService is used by Spring Security to handle user information that will be returned the Spring Security"

Page 209, List 7.6, first annotation

should be "The antMatchers() method allows you to restrict the URL and HTTP method that's protected" instead of "The antMatchers() method allows you to restrict the URL and HTTP post that's protected."

Page 225, Figure 7.13, first annotation

The server on the far left of the diagram is identified as agleEye web application. It should be EagleEye web application.

Page 242

should be "This is all the code" instead of "This all the code"

Page 313

Figure 10.17 has a "4." at the end of the sentence. That should not be there.