Errata: August 24, 2021

Thank you for purchasing Seriously Good Software. Please post errata not listed below in this book's liveBook Errata thread. We'll update this list as necessary. Thank you!

In Front Matter, Section acknowledgments, page xv

This correction has been made to all formats except pBook.

Replace reviewer list in Paragraph 3 with: Aditya Kaushik, Alexandros Koufoudakis, Bonnie Bailey, Christian Kreutzer-Beck, Clive Harber, Elio Salvatore, Flavio Diez, Foster Haines, Gregory Reshetniak, Hessam Shafiei Moqaddam, Irfan Ullah, Jacob Romero, Jens Christian B. Madsen, Jeremy Bryan, John Guthrie, Juan J. Durillo, Kimberly Winston-Jackson, Mark Elston, Matthew Halverson, Matthew Proctor, Michael Jensen, Michał Ambroziewicz, Raffaella Ventaglio, Serge Simon, Steven Parr, Tatiana Fesenko, Thorsten Weber, Travis Nelson, and William Wheeler

Page xxii

The first sentence in the About The Cover section incorrectly identifies the costume's ethnicity as a Finnish clan.

The figure on the cover of Seriously Good Software is captioned “Homme Tscheremiss,” or man of the Tscheremiss tribe, which was a clan of people from the area near present-day Finland.

The figure on the cover of Seriously Good Software is captioned “Homme Tscheremiss,” or man of the Tscheremiss tribe, an area known today as Maris in the Mari El Republic in Russia.

We apologize for the error and hope the people of Maris enjoy being part of this great book.

In chapter 3, page 55, section 3.2.2:

In listing 3.6 the line current = this; (right before the second loop) is redundant. It can be removed.

In chapter 4, page 83, section 4.1:

In listing 4.3, two occurrences of double (line 1 and line 5) should be float instead.

In chapter 4, page 88, section 4.2:

This correction is tied to the previous one. Either perform both, or none of them.

Right before listing 4.6, instead of "except for the type of the water amount variables [...] as shown in the following listing", it should be:
"except for the way to access the size of the group---group.length instead of group.size()---as shown in the following listing."

In chapter 8, page 229, section 8.3.1:

In listing 8.4, the line if (group == return; should be moved between the second synchronized and the following if, and indented accordingly.