Errata: July 22, 2019

Thank you for purchasing Get Programming with Node.js. If you find errors not listed below, please report them in LiveBook's Errata thread. We'll update this list as necessary. Thank you!

In chapter 1, page 18, section 1.3 TIP:

First Tip references a URL that no longer exists. The new url is

In chapter 9, page 101, section 9.3:

Table 9.1 View is included on both the top and bottom rows of the table. The second "Views" row should be removed.

In chapter 10, page 109, section 10.1; mobile versions

The hyperlinks in two locations should be localhost:3000 but instead currently points to localhost:300:

The URL in the paragraph beginning with "Restart your application" just before Quick check 10.1
The URL before the Warning just before Quick check 10.2

In chapter 15, page 172, section 5.1 Note:

First Note, [Here, you're using the empty object to make it clear that you want to get all subscribers with no conditions attached.] is missing the are contraction.

In chapter 17, page 186, after listing 17.6:

There should be no space between mongoose and .Schema.types.

In chapter 17, page 189, after listing 17.7:; should be;