Errata: April 4, 2020
Thank you for purchasing Testing Angular Applications. Please post any errors, other than those listed below, in the book's liveBook forum. We'll update this list as necessary. Thank you!

Unless otherwise noted, all errors have been corrected in all electronic versions. No errors have been corrected yet in the print book.

Page xviii

Please update the author Craig Nishina's bio. Specifically, replace the first line in his bio with the following:
Craig Nishina is a software engineer at Google. He is currently working on Google Cloud Platform and contributes to Protractor, the end-to-end test framework for Angular.
In the fourth line of Nishina's paragraph, replace drawing with designing.

Page 5

If the link in the fourth paragraph doesn't work, try

Page 12

The page header should be Part 2.

Page 22

Replace the paragraph immediately following the listing with the following:
You should now see four passing tests in your terminal or in your browser.

Page 27, listing 3.1

In line 9, change .toBeTruthy() to .notBeNull():

Page 31

The hyperlink at the bottom of the page is broken. The full URL follows: -edit.component.spec.ts

Page 32, listing 3.3

The annotation on the lower-left should point to the last import statement:
import { RouterTestingModule } from '@angular/router/testing';

Add an annotation to line 7, import { BrowserDynamicTestingModule } from that reads:
Uses BrowserDynamicTestingModule to bootstrap browser for testing

Page 56, table 4.4

Change title of table 4.4 to "Test cases for Show Contacts directive."
In the first item under Test Case change hidden to shown.

Page 65

The fourth item in the Number column should be 7035550123.
The fourth item in the Displays column should be (703) 555-0123.

Page 69

The hyperlinked URL following the listing is broke. The full URL follows: applications/blob/master/chapter05/phone-number.pipe.spec.ts

Page 69

A hyperlink is missing in the paragraph following listing 5.6:
Run ng test, and you now should see eight passing tests. If you have any issues, check out the complete test at and look for any discrepancies. In the next chapter, we'll start looking at testing services

Page 76

HttpModule in the second line of the second paragraph should be httpClient.
A common example is any service that uses HttpClient for communicating with external services.

Page 91, listing 6.13

Replace the annotation line "Causes the observable in #C to run with the following:"
Causes the httpTestingController to emit the value being flushed

Page 113

The https:// section of should be the color of a link (blue).

Page 114

The INFO section "@types/angular-protractor" should be in code font.

Page 116

test-8-1.conf.js should be protractor-first-test.conf.js.

Page 118

The NOTE section test-8-1.conf.js should be protractor-first-test.conf.js.

Page 119

Replace "...your Protractor test will run all tests..." with "...your Protractor test will run all files...."


Page 120

Regarding figure 8.2: the graphic for the first image and third image should be flipped. The first image doesn't have the contact "Ada" and the thid image has the new contact name.

Page 135, listing 8.12

Toward the bottom on the right, two annotations are overlapping. They read:
Resolves the promises to set the properties to a single contact and returns the contact
Checks that the contact list isn't undefined

Page 137

The first line of 8.7 "...changes the ID from..."
should be:
...changes the attribute ID from...

Page 142

There are two URLS and the word and formatted as one link beginning in line 3:
The actual link for the shortened URL is

Page 147

This correction has not been made in any format.

There's a reference to figure 9.2 in the text above the figure that mentions a button that's circled in red. This button is circled, but the line is a broken black line; it isn't red.

Page 156, figure 9.4

The code snippets in the blue and green boxes are totally independent...
should read
The code snippets in the blue and red boxes are totally independent...

Page 163, table 10.1

Add https:// to URL in the last line of the first item in the Comments column:

Page 165, listing 10.2; Page 166, listing 10.4; Page 167, listing 10.5; Page 168, Listing 10.6; Page 180, Listing 10.8; Page 198, listing 11.3; and Page 201, listing 11.5

Delete useAllAngular2AppRoots from the listing.

Page 176

Add https:// to the url on the last line of the note: