Errata: June 30, 2021

Thank you for purchasing Haskell in Depth. Please post errata not listed below in this book's LiveBook Errata thread. We'll update this list as necessary. Corrections are made to all formats during the book's second printing. Thank you!

Chapter 5, Section 5.1.2 Carrying configuration all over the program with Reader, p. 139

Subsection A computation in the context of the Reader monad, code example on top of the page should mention verbose instead of vrb: when verbose beVerbose.

Chapter 11, Section 11.5.2 Use cases, p. 383

Figure 11.3 is mislabeled, should be Figure 11.4

Chapter 13, Section 13.2.4 Example: Safe interface for elevators, p. 463

Subsection Floors and proofs, Grey box The proof strategy, in bulleted list, 1 is a different font than subsequent numbers.