Errata: January 3, 2020

Thank you for purchasing Grokking Bitcoin. If you find errors not listed below, please report them in the LiveBook errata thread. We'll update this list as necessary. Thank you!

Table of contents

The section "Recap of payment types" is missing in the table of contents for chapter 10. It should be right before the "Block limits" section.

Front matter, page xx, preface

The text "... trying to find a my place in the Bitcoin community ..." in the third paragraph should read "... trying to find a place in the Bitcoin community ..."

Chapter 2, page 46

In the last paragraph, "... can encrypt messages that can only the public key can decrypt" should be changed to "... can encrypt messages that only the public key can decrypt". Thanks to Dan Berglund.

Chapter 3, page 63

The first sentence of the last paragraph mentions "pubic keys." The author should have kept his mind on the subject and written "public keys."

Chapter 4, page 87

In the list of wallet duties, "Back up private keys" should be all italics. The trailing s is not.

Chapter 4, page 111

The header "Public key multiplication" should be one level down under the "Public key math" header. The other headers under "Public key math" should remain, so that "Public key multiplication" is on the same level as for example "Why is this secure?."

Chapter 4, page 115, figure 4.28

The bottom left annotations misspells multiplication as "multipilication".

Chapter 6, page 189

In the section "Verifying the partial merkle tree," the reference to figure 2.28 is wrong. It should reference figure 6.28.

Chapter 7, page 212, figure 7.8

The annotation "Qi abandon her branch." should be "Qi abandons her branch.".

Chapter 7, page 228, figure 7.23

The hands of the clock on the wall in the figure are not consistent. It should show 8:47; the hour hand should be moved back slightly.

Chapter 7, page 228, figure 7.23

The bottom right annotation misspells "That’s" as "Thay’s".

Chapter 7, page 229, table 7.2

The row next to last shows "... 1h 2min" in the right column; it should say "... 1h 2 min".

Chapter 8, page 257, figure 8.5

Bob's phone says "You are about to received 1 bitcoin." It should be "receive" instead.

Chapter 8, page 264, figure 8.15

The figure caption "... sends an inv to ..." should use monospace for the word "inv".

Chapter 8, page 266

Last paragraph contains a dangling modifier: "... he sends it to any of the full nodes, and propagates ...". It should be: "... and it propagates ...".

Chapter 8, page 284

The second to last paragraph contains an extraneous comma: "Bitcoin Core ships with a preconfigured, block ID ...".

Chapter 8, page 296

In the first paragraph, the height 54398 is wrong. It should be 549398. Thanks to Dan Berglund.

Chapter 9, page 320

In the paragraph directly preceeding figure 9.15, the figure reference "Figure 9.14" is wrong. It should say "Figure 9.15."

Chapter 10, page 350

The sidebar titled "Nonstandard transactions" doesn't use curly apostrophes '’'.

Chapter 10, page 354, figure 10.21

The hash function should be SHA256 (single SHA256), not dSHA256 (double SHA256)

Chapter 10, page 355

First paragraph says "... because that's a double SHA256 of a witness script". Remove the word "double" because it's actually a single SHA256 hash.

Chapter 10, page 355

Last paragraph of section "Spending the p2wsh transaction" ends with a double period, "..". It should end with single period ".".

Chapter 10, page 356

A period '.' is missing in the first paragraph after "... onto the program stack".

Chapter 10, page 356, figure 10.25

The hash function should be SHA256 (single SHA256), not dSHA256. (double SHA256)

Chapter 10, page 362

The figure after Figure 10.34, is labeled as "Figure 10.3," when it should be labeled as "Figure 10.35."

Chapter 10, page 363

There's an extaneous comma ',' in the third paragraph at "... have the required, processing power ..."

Chapter 11, page 397

The third paragraph, which discusses the risks involved in BIP148, says "It could cause a chain split if a majority of the hash rate didn't signal for segwit." This is misleading. Instead it should say "It will cause a chain split if a miner publishes a non-segwit-signalling block." Thanks to Sjors Provoost for pointing this out.

Chapter 11, page 399

The bold paragraph contains the word "follow" in italic but not bold. The word should be both italic and bold.

Chapter 11, page 402

In the last paragraph it's stated that "Bitcoin Cash requires the first block after the split to have a base size ≥ 1,000,000 bytes". This should be "> 1,000,000 bytes" (strictly greater than).

Appendix A, page 408

In the third paragraph from the bottom, replace the period '.' with comma ',' in ". to make the changes ...".

Appendix A, page 418

The paragraph right after the bullet list contains "I've" and "don't" with straight apostrophes. They should use curly apostrophe, as in "I’ve" and "don’t"

The paragraph right after the bullet list ends with a colon character; it should end with a period.

Appendix A, page 422

On the first line, the unit BTC is missing: "of 0.00399859 back" should be "of 0.00399859 BTC back".

Appendix A, page 422

In the second paragraph, the word "didn't" should use curly apostrophe "didn’t"

Appendix B, page 425, answer 3.10

The second instance of "can't" uses straight apostrophe. It should use curly apostrophe as in "can’t".

Appendix B, page 426, answer 4.9

The fifth numbered item uses fixed width font for the number "5." It should use the same style as the previous four items.

Appendix B, page 436, answers 9.9 and 9.10

The last sentence, "The node will thus never know ..." of answer 9.10 is misplaced. It should be the last sentence of answer 9.9.

Appendix B, page 437, answer 10.6

The word "can't" uses straight apostrophe. It should use curly apostrophe as in "can’t".

Appendix B, page 438, answer 10.9

The typesetting of PKHY should be all monospace, but the subscript is not.

Appendix B, page 439, answer 11.2

The example in the c) answer is incorrect. "≥1,000,000 bytes" should be ">1,000,000 bytes"

Back cover

The author's company name is misspelled in the Author Bio. The correct spelling is Popeller.